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Introduction of “SACF Famous Medical Experts Center”

 With the development of SACF's various medical aid programs since Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation was established, SACF are pressing for more medical experts to join in with a view to achieving a higher level of our professional competence to provide better medical aids. To address this, Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation officially founded "SACF Famous Medical Experts Center" with the great support of the Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau. The founding of this Center will be a great technological support to SACF medical aid programs as a whole.

"SACF Famous Medical Experts Center" is composed of well-known experts and specialists from various medical fields. Having been recommended by the Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau, examined and approved by SACF Board of Trustees, members of this center are finally invited by SACF with the their self-consent. Members to be selected into this center must be leading medical experts and technological authorities of China or Shanghai Municipality in his or her main medical field with the title of Professor (Chief Physician).

Members of "SACF Famous Medical Experts Center" shall take part in charitable medical aid programs, the medical treatment and consultation to serious and rare intractable diseases, and the training of medical talents special for poor regions coincide with SACF programs.

SACF Famous Medical Experts:       
Introduction of Experts
(The place does not divide the priority)
Shi Chenren
Chen Shunle
Qiu Weiliu
Jiang Kaida
Wang Lingtai
Huang Shuolin
Cao Yilin
Zhang Baoren
Dai Kerong
Shen Zhenzhou
Liao Meilin
Chen Haozhu
Chen Saijuan
Liao Zhenjiang
Zheng Minhua
Xu Xun
Yuan Wen
Fang JingYuan
Ning Guang
Zhou Liangfu
Zhang Changqing
Chen Kemin
Yan Juntao
Shi Weijin
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