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Comprehensive Health Program for Migrant Children

At present, there are 4,000,000 migrant workers and 250,000 children of them in the outskirts of Shanghai, who are lacking of regular healthcare and medical care. Most of these children are impoverished and have little awareness of healthcare, making them a high-risk group of common diseases. What's more, some of these 250,000 children have malnutrition because of their poor living environment and impoverishment.

To address these problems, Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation initiates "Comprehensive Health Program for Migrant Children" as one charitable program of the special fund- Migrant Population Medical Fund.

This program includes:
  • Annual regular physical examination to children of migrant workers free of charge periodically.
  • Medical treatment free of charge to those who have been checked to be in bad condition within some limitation.
  • Offer healthcare education and set up healthcare files for migrant children.
  • Help build and improve infirmary of schools for children of migrant workers.
Program Mission:
This program is to improve the condition and hygiene of migrant children and contribute to the stability in building a harmonious society while provides more volunteer opportunities to SACF partners. Volunteers not only help needy people raise their healthcare awareness, but can benefit themselves and their relatives as well by learning and developing knowledge of medical care and healthcare.
The work of “Comprehensive Health Program for Migrant Children” Continue to Provide Effective Supply of Medical Service
Your Slimes, Our Guards
The work of “Comprehensive Health Program for Migrant Children” Continually Deliver Warm and Health
The Work of “Comprehensive Health Program for Migrant Children” Smoothly Completed in the 1st Half of 2015
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