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You can keep track of the latest developments of Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation at any time by browsing our news. To keep in step with us, to go through the development of our charity programs, to grow up with Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation together!

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SACF in the News 2017-12-20
Shanghai Public Health reported that our clinic moxibustion clinic
SACF in the News 2014-9-3
Charity Hospital Witness Development of Medical Charity in Pudong
SACF in the News 2014-7-2
Pudong Charity Hospital has Helped Four Hundred Thousand Patients in 12 Years
SACF in the News 2014-6-24
Medical Charity Let Poor Patients Feel Warm
SACF in the News 2013-10-30
Forbes China Best Charities List 2013: SACF Made the List Again
SACF in the News 2012-11-30
SACF is on Forbes Charities List 2012
SACF in the News 2008-7-29
Home-Care Program for Disabled People—An Experimental Site in Pudong
SACF in the News 2008-6-30
Jiu San (Sept. 3rd) Society Held A Disaster Relief Report
SACF in the News 2008-5-30
Duty as A Jiu San Society Member
SACF in the News 2008-5-27
Visiting Jiu San Society Member Zhu Xiaobo

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