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You can keep track of the latest developments of Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation at any time by browsing our news. To keep in step with us, to go through the development of our charity programs, to grow up with Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation together!

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Press Releases 2019-8-27
Love is still the same - Rangtang charity
Press Releases 2019-7-25
Angel Education Service Team Opens 2019 Xinjiang Public Welfare Teaching Activities
Press Releases 2019-6-11
The Yuanchu Care Fund held 2019 "Flying Dreams Happy Growth" June 1 Theme Event
Press Releases 2019-6-9
Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation was granted the pre-tax deduction of donations from Shanghai Public Welfare Social Group in 2018
Press Releases 2019-6-9
Foundation organizes the theme of the 2019 Dragon Boat Festival clinic
Press Releases 2019-1-22
Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation co-organizes 2019
Press Releases 2018-12-25
Shanghai Angel Medical Assistance Foundation held the ninth meeting of the third council
Press Releases 2018-11-29
Interim Measures for the Management of Value-Added and Investment Activities of Charitable Organizations
Press Releases 2018-7-22
In 2018, "Shanghai Angel Education Service Team" held a teaching assistant research activity in Tacheng
Press Releases 2018-7-17
Thousands of miles to send a school of education, full of border songs (1)

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