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Angel Education Service Team Opens 2019 Xinjiang Public Welfare Teaching Activities

On July 10, 2019, the Shanghai Angel Education Service Team opened a new journey for the 13th year of Xinjiang public welfare teaching activities.

On July 12th, the launching ceremony of the "angel one hundred backbone teachers" public welfare training officially began in the fourth city of Tacheng. Comrade Shi Wenqing, member of the Education Committee of the local committee and deputy director of the Regional Education Bureau, presided over the meeting. Comrade Ma Xinwei, deputy mayor of Tacheng City, delivered a welcome speech. Deputy Secretary-General of the local committee, party secretary of the Regional Education Bureau, and deputy secretary of the Education Committee of the local committee Xie Li Comrades made a mobilization speech, expressed warm welcome to the arrival of "angel service team", expressed sincere gratitude and high respect to our selfless teaching assistants, and encouraged Tacheng teachers to cherish rare learning opportunities and actively participate in training activities. After the speech of the representative of the Tacheng backbone teachers, the head of the angel service team, Tan Shuyun, delivered a warm speech and expressed deep gratitude to the local education bureau, the principal teacher and the enthusiasts. At the same time, it also said that in the next five years, the "angel service team" will continue to conduct teaching and training activities in an orderly manner, bringing Shanghai's advanced educational concepts, fresh curriculum reform experience, and excellent campus culture to Tacheng. Focus on cultivating a group of key teachers to promote the all-round development of Tacheng education and teaching.
Under the leadership of President Tan Shuyun, the angel education service team will focus on improving the ability of principals to run schools, update teachers' educational concepts, enhance teachers' ability to control classrooms, enhance teachers' professionalism, and carry out a five-year public welfare teaching in the Tacheng area of Xinjiang. activity. The teaching and training activities lasted for 10 days and were carried out in three counties and cities in Tacheng, Toli and Shawan counties. The project was organized by angel one hundred backbone teachers, angel education principal, backbone teacher forumand principal theme. Lectures, expert theme reports, "teacher demonstration classes", angel backbone teachers open research courses and assessments, new curriculum assistants into campus activities, interactive exchanges and other series of initiatives, have trained Tacheng district school leaders, middle-level cadres, teaching and research staff There are nearly 3,000 teachers in 8 disciplines in different primary schools, junior high schools and high schools. Through the "One Belt Three" and "One to One" formats, 27 "angel backbone teachers" and 20 backbone principals are trained in a continuous manner. In the five years, I trained 100 "angel backbone principals and teachers" for the Tacheng area.
The whole activity lasted until July 21st, and the assistant education activities of Shanghai Angel Education Service Team in the city and county of Tacheng area smoothly and satisfactorily ended.

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