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Tips for standardizing the Foundation's external cooperation and other matter

Recently, our department found that some foundations in the process of cooperating with other organizations to carry out their business activities, there are violations of the purposes and scope of business as stipulated in the articles of association, only the name is not supervised, illegal participation in the evaluation and compliance activities, etc.; other foundations Blindly pursuing the number of special funds, out of control over the management of special funds, leading to frequent problems and adverse social impacts. In order to further strengthen management, standardize order, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the Foundation, the relevant matters are as follows:
(1) The Foundation shall strictly abide by the "Regulations on the Administration of Foundations" and the "Notice of the Ministry of Civil Affairs on Printing and Distributing Certain Provisions on the Conduct of Standardized Foundations (Trial)" (Min Fa [2012] No. 124) and the Ministry of Civil Affairs The Regulations on Further Strengthening the Management of Foundation Special Funds (Minfa [2015] No. 241) and the Provisional Regulations on the Administration of Social Organizations' Rating and Commendation Activities (National Evaluation Group [2012] No. 2) and other regulations and policies, Forget the initial heart, keep in mind the purpose, and carry out relevant activities in accordance with the law.
(2) If the Foundation conducts cooperative activities in the manner of organizers, co-organizers, supporting units, participating unitsand guidance units, it shall earnestly perform relevant duties and strengthen supervision over the whole process of the activities. You can't participate in cooperation by name, and you can't "hang it, don't care," and "don't ask."
(3) The Foundation shall not carry out the appraisal activities for the appraisal of the appraisal without authorization, and the applications that need to be carried out shall be submitted in accordance with the prescribed procedures and conditions. The Approved Project shall not be allowed to collect, disguise, or apportion the fees for the appraisal. It shall not cooperate with the for-profit organization in any form or entrust a for-profit organization.
(4) The foundation must establish a good brand awareness and focus on high-quality development.
Strictly control the scale of special funds according to management capabilities, effectively strengthen the supervision and management of special funds, and fully fulfill the information disclosure obligations and accept social supervision in accordance with the law.
If the Foundation has violated laws and regulations in the process of cooperation, or has serious consequences for the management of the special fund, the civil affairs department will seriously deal with it according to law.

Ministry of Civil Affairs Social Organization Administration
Department of Charity Promotion and Social Work, Ministry of Civil Affairs
July 5, 2019

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