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The Yuanchu Care Fund held 2019 "Flying Dreams Happy Growth" June 1 Theme Event

The Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation set up the Yuanchu Care Fund in June this year, and organized a 2019 "Flying Dreams Happy Growth" theme event in Shanghai Xuhui Xingyu Children's Health Center. People from all walks of life come to celebrate the 16th Anniversary Children's Day with the blessings and hopes.

Presented are Xu Yun District Vice Minister of the United Front Department Lu Yunyu, Xuhui District Disabled Persons Federation Chairman Chen Nan, Deputy Director Shen Yan, Xuhui District Women's Federation Ma Lili, Xuhui District Minority Federation Secretary General Zheng Lijun, Shanghai Business Foreign Languages Director of the school party committee Pang, as well as Shanghai Yuanchu International Logistics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fengshu Management Co., Ltd. and other 12 love enterprises support.
The activity kicked off in the song dance, and the children used the un

ique lively and dynamic, and the rate was so cute, and the atmosphere was pushed to the climax again and again. The programs are lively and varied, and the forms are lively and diverse. Magic, singing, recitation, and performance are subtly integrated. The loved ones show their talents and children's intimate interaction, let them spend a special Children's Day.

During the period, Shanghai Xuhui District Xingyu Children's Health Hospital Dean and Chairman Jiang Yimin, Supervisor Zheng Yingying, Director Huang Zhihua, Xu Yonglin, Wang Cheng, Yu Limei for Shanghai Women's Federation, Shanghai Xuhui District Women's Federation, Shanghai Xuhui District Disabled Persons' Federation, Shanghai International School, Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Foreign Language School, Xuhui District Minority Federation issued a certificate of appreciation, thanking for the guidance and support for the Xingyu work for so many years; at the same time, Xu Han District, the Secretary of the Disabled Branch Chen Nan, and Shen Yan, Vice Chairman; Xu Hui Zheng Lijun, Secretary General of the District Minority Federation; Director of the Office of the Party Committee of the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Foreign Language School issued a certificate of appreciation for the love enterprise.

After the annual garden party, there will be a cold meal meeting supported by the Yuanyuan Care Fund. The children experience a festive atmosphere in the food.

"Flying dreams, happy growth" The success of the Children's Day event is inseparable from the support of relevant government departments, the community, and the love and care of the company.

Let us fly our dreams together and walk into the world of angels!

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