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In 2018, "Shanghai Angel Education Service Team" held a teaching assistant research activity in Tacheng
    Ai Xianning, a correspondent of the 4th Middle School of Tacheng City, reported that on the morning of July 18, 2018, the “Shanghai Angel Service Team” came to Tacheng City to conduct a research activity in the Tazhong Third Middle School Conference Room. Shi Wenqing, deputy director of the Education Bureau of Tacheng District, Feng Jianrui, the head of the teaching and research department of Tacheng District, Lu Zhongyu, deputy director of the Tacheng Municipal Education Bureau, and Tan Shuyun, the head of the Shanghai expert team, and more than 300 teachers from various counties and cities in the Tacheng area participated in the event.
At the opening ceremony, Shi Wenqing, deputy director of the Education Bureau of Tacheng District, gave an opening speech. Shanghai education expert Tan Shuyun introduced the public welfare activities. 
    After the opening ceremony, the event entered the teacher forum. Shanghai angel education experts Tan Shuyun, Wang Wei, Wang Shaomei, and Ma Ying gave a short answer on the questions and confusions that teachers encountered in teaching practice. In particular, Tan Shuyun's expert response to the wonderful answer to "Why do I do charity activities, how teachers participate in the Shanghai angel service team" inspired all the teachers present. She said: "I want to go out to do public welfare. When I am retired, I have so many educational resources on my body that I can't take it away. There are more people who need him. This is the purpose of my charity. I want to participate in Shanghai angel public welfare. The service team is conditional. It must be a teacher with high professionalism, broad international vision, and a world-wide mind. The teachers who have participated in the Grand Prix are now improving their reading ability in the national college entrance examination. No matter where you are, we need to expand. The ability of a person's core literacy includes family feelings and moral literacy, students' moral literacy, we can educate people who change the world together, and the cultivation of habits is very important." Let all teachers benefit a lot. 
    Secondly, Shanghai mathematics expert Wang Shaomei asked the teachers to have goals when they asked for the students. How to do it is very important. However, for mathematics teachers, the classification discussion is more important. It is necessary to pay attention to each student and analyze the parents. Some parents have strong communication skills and open concepts, which requires us to have stronger communication skills and agility. Thinking ability to guide them to better educate their children. Shanghai English expert Ma Ying is not focused on the sleep of the students, emphasizing that the teachers should look at whether the teaching design is innovative when preparing lessons, and whether the instructions are clear. In the aspect of reading, I recommended the apple mint English, cake English, and effective teaching resources to the teachers, which provided a powerful teaching guarantee for reading teaching. The Chinese expert Wang Wei emphasized some good teaching methods and teaching design. Leaders should provide the means of publication. Teachers should first tell what they have done and grow their teaching experience. The teachers listened, harvested, and grew up in a full and relaxed atmosphere. 
    Next, the Shanghai angel service team's foreign language experts Wang Hao, Wang Shaomei, and Ma Ying respectively showed three wonderful live lessons for everyone. English expert Ma Ying introduced a new lesson in the form of guessing riddles. The classroom atmosphere was active. From the introduction, understanding, speculation, generalization and evaluation, the five links were interlocking and deep, which left a deep impression on the teachers. The Chinese expert Wang Hao is fluent in language and sent a class of "Combining Reading and Grinding Growth". Everywhere, there is a deep feeling of love, and the thoughts of the text to the inter-finger flow. The mathematics expert Wang Shaomei has a simple language and a strict thinking. The invariance in the graphic movement is based on the students' self-learning, so that everyone can feel the wonderful ideas brought by the graphic movement. 
    In the afternoon, President Tan Shuyun gave a lecture on "Young Teachers' Job Burnout" for everyone. President Tan used various professional cases of teachers to interact with the teacher's career, such as stunned, passive, mechanical, and utilitarian. Education to pay attention to the transformation of subject education, starting from the details, combined with classroom teaching and class management, encourage teachers to enhance the professional spirit, profoundly reflect and comprehend for the happiness of life, reshape the goal of life, and rebuild itself with lofty ideals and beliefs. The development of the students, the development of the students, the development of the school, and the initiative to invest in growth, she said with hope: "passion can only be ignited by passion, vitality, but also to maintain with passion! Step by step, repeated practice," won The teachers kept applause. 
    In the wonderful and pleasant atmosphere, the activities came to an end without knowing it. The teachers felt that life is beautiful because of pursuit, and life is more beautiful because of the down-to-earth work. The exploration of the new curriculum is not a lesson, a method. A teaching model can solve all the dilemmas, but all our teachers need to do everything possible to try to awaken the students' sense of sleep and invest in the process of activating students' vitality.

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