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President Tan Shuyun presented "Precious Gifts" to the No. 9 Middle School of Bole City
Promote Unit Integration and Reconstruction with "Three Courses"--Angle Service Team President Tan Shuyun Sends a Lecture to the 9th Middle School of Bole City
A stone stirs up a thousand layers of waves, and a few words awaken the hearts of the people. On the morning of July 15, the president of Shanghai Angle Service Team Tan Shuyun was invited by the president of the studio of the No. 9 Middle School of Bole City, Bai Jing, to visit the No. 9 Middle School of Bole City, and sent a break to the teachers of Jiuzhong. Ten-year Chinese language thinking of the wonderful language curriculum reform lectures - the "three-course system" solidly promote unit integration and refactoring, causing strong repercussions among teachers, guiding us to think, communicate and learn.
The director of the State Education Bureau, Liao Jiangning, who is the first secretary of the community, and the president of the school's ninth middle school, Bozhou City, Bozhou City, and the language teacher of the school, and the "China Good Teacher" member of the Bozhou Community The school principal and the language teacher of the school, the backbone language teacher trained by the Angle service team in Bozhou area, the language teachers of all schools in the state and all the teachers of the nine schools participated in the event.
Based on the requirements, objectives, tasks and principles of the Chinese language curriculum standards for primary and secondary schools, the lectures expounded the imperative trend of the reform of Chinese language curriculum and required the teachers to pay great attention. Then, she explained the meaning, content, operation methods, steps and so on of the "three-course system" to all the teachers. At the same time, for three years, under her guidance, the children's fruitful works, exemplified the children step by step into the language classroom, out of the wonderful growth process of the language. Whenever the children are mentioned, President Tan is full of pride and pride, and the heart of love is like the happy face of President Tan’s smile, melting the high praise of the students. And the sound of evaluation, let us feel the charm of Tan Shuyun's language curriculum reform.
At the end of the lecture, President Tan Shuyun left plenty of time to answer questions to the teachers. The peer expert Wang Wei, accompanied by the injured leg who did not fully recover, accompanied Mr. Tan to give a lecture to Jiuzhong and gave supplementary answers to the teachers’ questions. We have seen their teachers and students cherish each other, respect each other's love side, and let us even admire the extraordinary talents of the Angle service team experts. Their selfless dedication and education spirit deeply touched us.
The class presented by President Tan Shuyun’s curriculum reform is what we are pursuing. The teacher teaches the freedom of personality and the ease of the students. The students learn to be relaxed and happy, and the interest in the language classroom is open, full of vitality and passion. It provides a platform for teachers and students to display the charm of Chinese. Teachers and students are on this stage. Growing together and performing a wonderful life full of colorful and colorful, isn't that what we need in class?
Tan Shuyun, a person who has caused repercussions in the education and linguistic circles, with wisdom and kindness, smart and reluctant to go to us gracefully with education and affection; she awakens, inspires and leads the people who arrive, such as In the winter, there is a warm sunshine, and a slight breeze in the summer brings people what they need. In July, Jiuzhong Yangyi was in the warm and romantic Chinese spring prelude sent by President Tan Shuyun. The name of this prelude is called the language "three-course system". It has been reserved for Jiuzhong, reserved for Bozhou, and opened the national language curriculum reform. The best gift of the road to integration.
Let us take a grateful heart and take over the precious gift of the language "three courses" presented by President Tan Shuyun. In the days to come, give it to our lovely children in Jiuzhong and Bozhou.

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