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Thousands of miles to send a school of education, full of border songs (1)
Shanghai Angel Service Team and the Autonomous Region Autonomous Prefecture Bole City Ninth Middle School Famous Principal Studio and "China Good Teacher" Bozhou Base Community School Summer Activities (1)
First stop: the national gate of the city Alashankou Middle School
There are such a group of people who have the ideal of education. Every summer, they fly from Angel, the easternmost part of the motherland, to Bozhou, the most northwestern city in the motherland, and pass on the most advanced educational ideas and cultural concepts to the frontiers to promote the development of education in the border areas. And what is more valuable is that all the educational activities they do are public welfare. This is the Shanghai Angel Education Service Team.
On July 9th, this group of 8 people landed in beautiful Bozhou and started a five-day education trip. In five days, they will lead the members of the Principal's studio of the No. 9 Middle School of Bole City, the autonomous prefecture autonomous prefecture, the members of the “China Good Teacher” Bozhou Base Community, the teachers representatives from Bozhou and the five-year service team for Bozhou. The “100 key teachers” and their delegations conducted lectures and course exchanges and seminars in some schools in the Alashankou, Bole, Hot Spring and Jinghe counties of our state, gave diagnosis to their schools, and proposed rationalized suggestions and directions. Going to the school to develop characteristics and take a path of sustainable development is the wish of the Shanghai Angel Education Service Team. It is also the wish of the establishment of the studio of the No. 9 Middle School of Bole City, Autonomous Prefecture.
At 9:40 on the morning of the 9th, the principals of the principals of the principals of the studios took the bus from Bole to Alashankou City to participate in the activities at Alashankou on the same day. After arriving at Yamaguchi, the principals and the city bureau Sun Hongwei, the deputy director of the State Education Bureau, Chen Jie of the Hubei Aijiang cadre, Bai Zhiqiang, the head of the Yamaguchi middle school, and the backbone teachers trained by the Angel service team, welcomed the group. 8 experts.
In the morning, accompanied by Sun Hongwei of Shankou Municipal Bureau and Chen Jie, deputy director of the State Education Bureau, everyone visited the Shankou Museum, Guomen, Shankou Exhibition Center, and Comprehensive Bonded Zone. Through the visit, everyone has thoroughly understood the city of Alashankou, and revered the city of the country in the northwest of the motherland!
At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, under the leadership of President Bai Zhiqiang, everyone first observed the campus culture construction of Alashankou Middle School; then, conducted a listening class activity; President Bai Zhiqiang made a lecture on the schooling situation of Yamaguchi; finally, the principal's studio and expert team gave A pertinent evaluation and rationalized school proposal.
Through communication, everyone has always believed that the hardware facilities of Yamaguchi School are first-class in the state, and the degree to which the country attaches importance to the education of the city can be seen. However, in running schools, schools also need to find their own characteristics based on their own development and form their own. Style, consider the school from the perspective of children's lifelong development.
Finally, the head of the Angel Service Team, Tan Shuyun, gave an overall evaluation and guidance to the school development of Yamaguchi. She affirmed the achievements of the Yamaguchi School under the leadership of President Bai Zhiqiang and the routine work, and proposed to establish a school with culture and use core ideas to run schools; to propose that teachers and students should have connotation to enrich the spiritual world of teachers and students; Supported by activities, class activities, speech contests, cultural programs, grades and other forms of activities will make teachers and students full of confidence, the school is full of energy, teachers and students will like this school; do a good job in school-based training, develop characteristics Culture, work hard, and do both internal and external training to build a brand campus culture. Finally, she guided the Bund City No. 9 Middle School to feature a large class culture and made a case of success beyond her imagination, telling everyone the significance of creating this spiritual culture.
Listening to the experts and talking about education, walking with the wise, the heart suddenly clear, such as the mountains and rivers, the empty valleys, so that the principals sitting in the room are full of moving.

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