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Why is it important to give? Perhaps the Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, best captured the best reason for giving when he said, "It seems to me the world population is so large, it seems to me that we are all in a small boat... When one of us is touched by illness all of us are touched."
We encourage you to give selflessly to this worthy institution. Can there be anything nobler than lending a hand in times of trouble?

Unless you are responding to a specific appeal, your donation will be used where it is needed most:

  • To offer basic medical and healthcare service for people who lack health
         insurance premium and live under the poverty-line as well as disadvantaged
         citizens, to reduce their exposure to potential poverty caused by serious
  • To aid medical institutions that offer charity medical services to people living
         under the poverty-line.
  • To support all sorts of social services of public welfare undertakings open to
         the whole city that aims to help disadvantaged people.
    Thank you in advance for your gift of health, your gift of hope and your gift of life.

  • To Show Love, To Share Happiness

    Unlike other organizations, Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation does not have a governmental head office to finance our activities. We rely totally on the generous support of individuals and groups who care about the people living under the poverty-line. If you are able to and are willing to, please give generously.

    Our work will never be done; people need our help every minute. Please help us continue our lifesaving work, with a gift today! We are sincere and faithful. Your contribution means that we can continue to provide free medical services and other forms of services for people in need. Your gift and benevolence will bless the less fortunate and open a brand new chapter to their life.

    You shall believe that your gift are sure to rock someone's world. Through our joint efforts we can help people in deeply need, especially in the need of medical treatment. Your gift today will bring them relief and twilight tomorrow!

    Current appeals
    SACF Charity Medical Card
    SACF Loving Care Medical Card
    SACF Charity Hospital
    SACF Healthy Direct Bus -offering free medical treatment and medicine to needy areas
    SACF Hand-in-Hand
    Child Burn Fund
    Migrant Population Medical Fund
    Senior Citizens Wellness Fund
    Tan Shuyun Fund
    Red Ribbon Charity Fund
    Lupus Fund
    Frequently asked questions about giving


  • How can I donate cash to Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation?

       You can donate cash to Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation in ways as follows:

       1. Bank remittance:
           You can remit your cash donation directly into the specific bank account of Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation.
           Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation
           Bank account for donation:
           Beneficial bank:
           ICBC Shanghai Shang Chuan Road Branch

       2. Postal remittance:
           Please make sure that you have written your name, telephone number, address and your special appeal of donation with accuracy
           and clearance on your postal order, with which we can send donation receipt and donor acknowledgement letter to you.
           Address: Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation
                             Pudong Post Building, Suite 1416, Shanghai 200136, China
                             2899 Zhang Yang Road, Pudong New Area

       3. Visiting our secretariat for donation:
           You can contact our secretariat for donation and we will give you donation receipt and donor acknowledgement letter directly.
           Address: Secretariat of Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation
                             Pudong Post Building, Suite 1416, Shanghai 200136, China
                             2899 Zhang Yang Road, Pudong New Area
           Contact person: Yu HongXia
           Telephone: (86)17717570727

       4. By check:
           If you decide to make a donation by check, please make it payable to Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation.

  • What will my money be used for?

       Unless you are giving to a specific appeal, your donation will be used where it is needed most. Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation
       depends on donations like yours to support our charity programs and pilot new projects. We encourage you to visit our website at
       www.sacf.org.cn to learn more about Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation and our specific appeals throughout the year.

  • How can I donate to specific fund?

       We will set up specific fund for you if you donate with specific wish. We would like to nominate the specific fund under the name of units,
       groups and individuals donating to us for specific appeal. You can set up specific medical fund for specific population or for specific
       diseases. We will contact related aiding objects for you to get your wish. You can also visit our website at www.sacf.org.cn to learn of
       specific fund of Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation that we would like to develop.

  • Will I receive any preferential measures for my gift?

       According to provisions of Law of the People's Republic of China on Donation for Public Welfare Undertakings, when donating property
       for public welfare undertakings corporations and other enterprises may be given preferential treatment in enterprise income tax. As to
       materials donated from abroad to public welfare associations and not-for-profit public welfare institutions for public welfare
       undertakings, import duties and value-added tax in import may be reduced or exempted. As to donated projects, the local people's
       governments shall give support and preference.

  • Will I receive a donation receipt for my gift?

       If you have mailed us a donation by check, bank remittance or postal remittance, you will receive a receipt statement along with your
       donor acknowledgement letter by mail when we confirm our receipt of your donation. Meanwhile, your name will be announced on our
       website for your kindness.

  • Can I donate clothes, food or other supplies?

       Cash contributions are preferable as they enable us to make a direct impact on the regional economies in which we work through our
       programs. This approach provides an income for these individuals so they are able to purchase clothes, food and other supplies as
       they need them.

  • Can I donate stocks, property or securities?

       Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation is glad to consider any gift you are willing to make to support our valuable programs. Please
       contact our Fund-raising Department at (86)17717570727 to make a confirmation.

  • How can I help raise money for Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation?

       You can greatly benefit Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation by talking with friends, family and co-workers about our programs. Help us
       raise awareness about how we are working to alleviate pain and provide economic aid for the poor and vulnerable populations.

       Encourage them to visit our web site or make contributions. If you would like to be actively involved in fundraising for Shanghai Angel
       Charity Foundation, please contact our Fund-raising Department at (86)17717570727. We are looking forward to working with

  • How can I learn more about SACF?

       We encourage you to visit our website at  www.sacf.org.cn to learn more about our history and programs or contact us for
       information you need.

       Contact Us

       We appreciate your financial contributions. Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization authorized by
       Shanghai Administration Bureau of NGOs and Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau with legal procedures of registration. It is an
       independent Foundation legal person protected by national laws and, as such, your donation is tax deductible.

    The Explanation for the Usage of Charitable Donation Receipt

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